A walk around The Foix Swamp

Aviary Photo_131571573750236902.png
Pantà de Foix, 7 de desembre de 2017.  Photo by E1dald.

Built in 1928 and placed in Castellet surroundings, a very little town in the Catalan region called Alt Penedès (Catalunya, Spain), this is one of the smallest swamps in Catalonia with only 4hm3 capacity.

Mapa - Foix.png

Its name comes from a 41km long river, also called Foix, which its mouth is located in Cubelles in the Catalan region of Garraf.

After arriving at swamp’s dam, we find there a 4-car parking so it can be difficult to have one, depending on the day and the season.  This is not a crowded route so we would find a parking easily.  The route starts by crossing over the swamp by walking on the dam.  After that, we have a 2-3 hours route which is very easy for those not used to have such a walk.


Aviary Photo_131571578209762233
Vegetació del pantà de Foix, by E1dald.


During the walk, you will enjoy looking at indigenous plants and animals.  If you like photography and if you are so patient also, you will have the opportunity to shot singular birds such as ‘Bernat pescaire’ or ‘Martinet’.


Aviary Photo_131571580235400880.png
Pantà de Foix.  By E1dald.

If you want, you can also ride your bicycle through the paths around the swamp.  Some parts are a little bit rocky…be careful!


Aviary Photo_131571582864715370.png
Pantà de Foix, 7 de desembre de 2017.  By E1dald.

Here you have a map of the 7 kms. route from the book ‘Catalunya, 50 excursions als seus rius’:

Itinerari - Foix.png
Pantà de Foix, Alt Penedès (Catalunya).


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